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But she spent a good chunk of time at the popular bars and restaurants of the era, like Elaine’s, where she met Hunter S.

Thompson, about whom she wrote a rather imaginative gonzo biography.

The journalist Marilyn Johnson, now a good friend of Ms.

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A few shots later, she got Bill O’Reilly right in the nose. Carroll learned archery in the late 1980s near the border of Irian Jaya, in New Guinea.Fed up with overly sensitive New York men, she hiked across the Pacific island on assignment for Playboy, in search of a more “primitive” mate.(She was Playboy’s Her pieces were risqué—and often wicked.In “Love in the Time of Magic,” she let readers in on the sex-fueled underworld of NBA groupies.Carroll’s reportorial prowess, given that she is now so widely known for the ribald nuggets of wisdom she’s dispensed monthly in Elle since 1994. Carroll said, there are really only two answers to every question: “Do it” or “Don’t do it.” And there are, she added, only four questions: “How do I get love? Carroll and I decided to check out the five downed trees that inspired her game.

Indeed, for a certain generation of young women who entered the workforce near the end of the 20th century, Ms. “She created this world in her column where you as a young woman could be focused on your career and becoming the woman that you wanted to be, and it wasn’t antithetical to also be boy crazy and also want to get married and also want to be pretty. Well, let’s try to put it in historical perspective, try it on for size, and then land on ‘It’s much more fun getting rich than shagging someone rich.’ Will Adderall help you to stop procrastinating? We set off into the forest, leaving Frog Island behind as Ms.At her side were two barking rescue dogs, a 17-year-old pit bull named Fortuna and a slightly younger poodle, Lewis Carroll. Carroll’s property, you do feel a bit like Alice climbing through the looking glass. The exterior of her house, where she’s lived for the past 11 years, is painted in black and white stripes.Little mirrors hang from the bushes and colorful ribbons are tied in bows around the we’d each had a few glasses of prickly pear liqueur with powdered ginger and seltzer water—a “Frog Island cocktail,” she said—Ms.Jean,” and through her matchmaking service, Tawkify, which she founded in 2012. Carroll spent last summer at Stanford University’s startup accelerator working with tech specialists to hone Tawkify’s digital bonafides. “We learned that you have to turn love into data,” Ms. It came out last month on Apple and Android devices, and the object of the game is simple: to break couples up by answering a series of questions as maliciously as possible, like Cupid with a poison arrow. Carroll explained—not from her column but her old ’90s TV show of the same name. “Zoey correcting Adam’s grammar” or “Adam wanting to pick out ALL of Zoey’s clothes”? Carroll said, “it’s because you didn’t think evilly enough.” (Full disclosure: I am included in the game as a romantic interest of “Tallulah,” who is going out with “Charles,” and I have used Tawkify to go on two dates.) Ms.There is, for instance, “Adam” (a painter) and “Zoey” (a Prada PR girl). Carroll thought of the name, she said, after she’d read The New York Times one morning; the words “damn” and “love” had somehow lodged themselves in her brain.(She nearly died, but she got the story.) For most of her career, Ms.