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Textiles: Collection of the Museum of International Folk Art, by Bobbie Sumberg, 2010, Gibbs Smith.

This one is organized by the intended purpose of textile – household, sacred, dress, etc.

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This phenomenal coffee table book kept me reading and reacting for weeks, starting here.Art Quilt: Design Principles and Creativity Exercises, by Lyric Kinard, 2009, Interweave Press.Like any scrap bag quilt, there are several decades of fabrics represented.The majority of these fabrics date to the 1890s and 19-oughts, and with some maybe from the 1880s.This book is illustrated by Stephane Jorisch and is a story told from the viewpoint of a young girl while her grandmother transitions to a retirement home.

I've been readying a crazy quilt top for hanging, and thought I'd share some photos with you.I have the hard copy and the Kindle version, so I can always have at least one big inspirational book with me.World Textiles: A Visual Guide to the Traditional Techniques, by John Gillow and Bryan Sentence, 1999, Thames and Hudson.This book is organized by the technique used to create the textile.Textiles: The Art of Mankind, by Mary Schoeser, 2012, Thames and Hudson.This is a quilt top, never finished, and therefore probably never used.