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Our work over the past few years has established the role of the vitamin A derivative, retinoic acid, in defining the boundaries of presumptive heart fields during early development.

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Foreign Keys are a way of implementing relationships/constraints between columns in different tables.

My SQL CONSTRAINTs are : The UNIQUE constraint in My SQL does not allow to insert a duplicate value in a column.

Using mouse, chick and human model systems, we work to identify regulatory gene networks in the developing heart and blood vessels.

The goal of our work is to establish relationships between signaling pathways and transcription factors that control identity of progenitors and contribute to cardiac malfunction.

Functional promoter analysis demonstrated that Krox20 regulates the fibrillar collagens Col1a1 and Col3a1 genes during the remodeling of aortic valves.

Studies of the contributions of different lineages to valve development and disease are ongoing.We also study the molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to valve diseases.Cardiac progenitors: Elucidating the mechanisms involved in the restriction of cardiac progenitors will lead to a better understanding of congenital heart defects (CHDs) and will ultimately lead to the development of novel therapies aimed at healing injured human hearts.The UNIQUE constraint maintains the uniqueness of a column in a table.My SQL CONSTRAINT is declared at the time of creating a table.Our lab is interested in the molecular regulatory mechanisms of heart development and disease.