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If you are interested to be my friend maybe more,i love travelling have been in many countries' love romancing also. 1st time I'm here and I post my ad free, I seek only female friends who are from age group 20 to 50 from all over the world. 07/12/07 hi i'm amit grg 21 years guys frm Nepal Kathmandu.

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Don't forget to put your E-mail.* ( We will remove postings without any contact information, and also with any improper content, this is not a pick up joint! Also, we have removed the @ on your e mail addresses, and replaced it with 06/04/09 looking for man penpals/penfriends age 35 to 90 yrs old. my e mail is also my mobile number is 233207826639. Mam or women please feel free to contact me for friendship. My English is not so good that why I try to practice. I always wish to have friends (both male / female) from all over the world. Thank you very much of reading my short advertisement. I;m not the one who is looking for friends in Cyprus to visit it next summer. My yia-yia and papous live in Cyprus and we visit them every other year. my mobile number is 0035799548575...thanks kostas 14/07/06 Hello xx my names Maria 20years old from the uk i have just moved to Larnaca to live 4 good. everyone, I'm 31 years old male from CAMEROON (AFRICA) planning to move to Cyprus in the months ahead for studies. I will give her all my heart and i will be your and u will be mine and we will always understand one another. I would like to get in touch with GREEK FEMALES from the island and create a congenial and amicable relation either by visiting Cyprus or them travel. Renos VANEZIS 7, Redwood Court, London N19 3sn Please FEEL free to write. Men or woman please feel free to contact me for friendship. my e-mail is paapakwesi007Hope to hear from you soon 26/01/07 hello: i like to have some letters from people they like to write , me structure engineer , some time i feel bored , like to know more friends around the words my email is dimoseb126/01/07 Hi,my name is koay swee ching and I'M come from Malaysia. I hope that you will send to me a mail as fast as you could. My email address is 25/10/06 Hi all, My name is Neal. 919869814305 14/07/06 iam looking to find, some old friends from England my name is Kostas i was at ELTHORNE HIGH SCHOOL W. if you like sent your postal address to me In a little way I can send our beautiful country post card . I felt much happy to find this Cyprus website with a great preasure, I'll be really happy to meet Christian Cyprus and many other friends round the world..... Bless 12/05/06 hi my name is Nelson Ngole Ewang from Cameroon I'm a male, i need penfriends from Cyprus preferably non gays males.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I have been with the same spouse for thirty years and she is on her second husband, the one that she cheated with on her first husband. I am also in recent contact with a girlfriend from my elementary school years. I have contacted several other class mates of my high school and we are planning on meeting at our up coming 30th reunion. I had a neighbor that was seeing a married man well the wife found out where she lived and she shot her dead right outside our door on the steps to the apts where we were living . I dont understand the kind of pen pal you want and to me that aint a pen pal that is something far more intimate . Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. I have been pen pals with my ex girlfriend from junior high. I found my senior class girlfriend and emailed her too. None of my email contacts are flirtatious, just friends writing friends. My Mom carried on a pen pal relationship for 59 years and for the past nine years since my mom passed, I have been sending sending christmas cards to my moms contacts. i will be happy if am considered my mobile is =256772188756 05/03/08 i want to remove my ad from here and i don't know how?? So if you think there are something common between us, dont hesitate send me mail. Arif 28/02/08 hi friends myself pinak, i am 20 year old & findout girl which know me so plz contect on following acc. My email address is 21/09/06Hi dear friends. I love corresponding with friends of different countries to exchange ideas while developing a friendship. I love going out at night and having fun mostly getting drunk lol. I like people who can understand others that is called a friend- and friendship. And we should know to be a good friend for god sends to share our love and sadness . Please get back to me, my address is: hayley_redfern Hello, I'm a Belgian girl, 28 years, living and married in Italy.

can you advise me please....would be handy if you explain how to remove ads as well not only to add then in...emai address is 05/03/08 Hi, I am an American and just accepted a job to teach at American University in Girne. 28/02/08 Dear Madam, A friend is need a friend is indeed. I am very serious about pen palling and I am a continues long letter writer. If you like rock lol you can contact me: lolly_uk 06/06/06 hi! I belong to the sweet place called "LADAKH" which is in Himalayan region. 2 years ago I visited Cyprus, it's a beautiful country and I liked it very much. I like foreign countries, aerobics, good music and shopping. I'm fond of travelling because there is always something interesting, unknown, unrevealed in it. My E-mail address is k216/06/08Hello, I'm Taibou Sonko from The Gambia looking for a pen friend and a female one between the ages of 29-35 preferably. It starts with you sending me a mail now, I replying your mail and the friendship starts. 29/04/08 Hello to all the female, i am single and i am from Ghana, i am looking for a serious lady who i will spent all the rest of my life with her and we will committed to one another. I am not so good at English but want to make friends all over the world. seifu0928, c u gys, 30/1/08 HI I'M NISHAN DILRUKSHA FROM SRI LANKA. I am Greco-Italian of middle age and livein London. i would love to be your friend to be exchanging letters telling each other esting thing to share my thought/feelings with you and also discussing alot of stuffs etc. just email me on" Removed under sever threat of Cyber terrorism and a pretty please. I'm new to Cyprus and just looking to make new friends that live here as well. Coley034How are like to me Please send a mail 26/01/07 I'm Mohamed Alghannam. My hobbies are Music, reading/writing, books/learning, movies/music, cooking/dining out, shopping, outdoors stuff, bartending/parties, sports/fitness, travel, photography, traveling exchange of gift, writing. I live in RODRIGUES ISLAND, a dependancy of Mauritius. I work in the shipping industry and I am 30 years old. have seen from Television I hope you will like me , I So see you in next letter ( please write to me } Your loving Friend 35/1 Bodiyangana mawatha mulgampola kandy sri lanka 2000 if you think I am not good for you please give my latter to your friends please 12/05/06 2 live a life i need a heart 2hav heart i need heartbeat2hav heartbeat i need happiness 2hav happiness i need a friend& for a friend i need u.........12/05/06 Good Day dear sincere friends. That, I believe, is what makes us different than animals. you can mail me on msn messenger at: monkeylover_22/07/08 Hello! It starts with you sending me a mail now, I replying your mail and the friendship starts. I would like pen friends from Cyprus and Norway and let the be females. 16/06/08hi,i raju i need a female friends for good reli atthe age of 25 to 35 from Kolkata my email id ( 16/06/08Hi, My name is Tony, I work in Kuwait and I am planning on going to Cyprus for a short vacation. If you could give me some advise, e-mail me at manlat2007Tony 23/05/08hi I'm Kingsley from Ghana looking for pen friends all over the world. I am 25yrs old ,and would love to travel all the countries in the world. 30/1/08 Hi friends, I am a Japanese girl.18 years old. please get back to me 11/1/08 Excellent page having read the above. i cared for a Greek man for the last ten years until he passed away recently, it was because of him i visited Cyprus and as he said i fell in love with the place and its people ,i would love to hear from anyone in Cyprus age immaterial .lynnerogers5306/12/07 my name is David a Ghanaian young guy of 22yrs. My email : Name : Mohamed Alghannam Mobile : 2 0103066072 Address : 23 Al-Fatheh Men September St Kafr Al-Sheikh 33511 Egypt 26/01/07 I need female penfriend in Cyprus - age above 40years of age - I am 45 years and a Christian - my e-mail - 26/01/07 To start with, it has been a long time since I started searching for someone whom I can share my dreams, love, feelings, thought, ideas etc with. I am very Romantic, Understanding, Loving, Caring, Responsible, Soft-hearted etc. I am a Christian man and also believe in the Golden Rule and I also believe we are given a conscience to know what is right versus what is wrong and that we have a feeling soul.if your from Cyprus & would like an e-mail friend then contact me on: shalou2711uk 28/05/06 I am a Kenya citizen aged aged 28 yrs residing in the coastal town of Mombasa, i saw this website on the internet and would like to associate with female friends from Cyprus from 22 to 36 yrs of age, my email address is jacksonkenga thank you love you. I have been in Cyprus two years ago and i just falling in love in this country. For contact, please write me on: 28/05/06 Hi, I've just moved to Larnaca from the UK with my 2 children and am looking for some more girly mates, for shopping, going to gym, nights out, gossip, lying on beach etc, etc. Not really looking for a man as just got divorced from one of those and am really off them at the moment, but if you're single, 40-ish, gorgeous, faithful and a multi-millionaire, then I may just be tempted... 12/05/06 I love Greek language and Greek and Cypriot culture, music and people. To me a marriage should be unbreakable and based on love. Would also like to know if there are any boarding facilities near Niccosia(spelling! Thanks, Sherry Leave a message here hi i am twinkle i am in search of my best friend rupali bakaria she studied in air force school in kolkata till 8th standard. 01/02/06 hi , my name is Julie, has had many happy hols in Cyprus ,would like to hear from Cypriots and ex pats as we are seriously thinking of moving over to Cyprus.28/05/06 I would love a penfriend, My name is carol ann waight, i live in Hitchin Hertfordshire, England. I am very interested in learning properly Greek and I need help to practice it , in exchange I would help with pleasure to learn Spanish... E-mail fazal_wadood hi there.......i am 21 years old male. i m here from last 9 in nicosia at the moment. for few years we had contacts after she shifted to Bombay we lost the contacts please help me searching her address or phone or email address she has a brother and a sister you can contact to my mail id success_11185in 19/02/06 Hi, My name is David, Im a 31 year old half Cypriot man, relocating to Cyprus soon. my husband and my self are in our early fifties 27/01/06 Hi there, My name is Mr. I shall move to Cyprus in Feb.06 for studies in Larnaca.Liz 17/01/06 hi, here comes a Nigerian aged 26, i am hoping to move into Cyprus for my masters, i need friends from Cyprus or anyone moving into Cyprus who can give me information and guides on how to get into Cyprus for studies and where to be and where not to be, I need both male and female friends to make life easy and fun before and in Cyprus.