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Our unconscious response is to try and avoid or evade the stress and anxiety of being humiliated again, and so we try to do everything possible to get out of the situation, even though consciously we may well be telling ourselves, it is fine, I can do this, I know my stuff, this is important, I need to do it.

Hypnotherapy heals the unconscious mind by allowing that old learning to be let go of and to now appreciate that the present, older person is knowledgeable, successful and capable, and knows what to do and how to handle stress and anxiety.

Presentations, media exposure, speeches and interviews are now a large part of business life, and helping clients to maximise these opportunities is an important part of her skill set.For futher information please visit is it about interviews, presentations, best man's speeches, that can turn highly rational, skilled professionals into a fearful state of stress and anxiety ?They may well have concerns that if they succeed, what will they do next. For these people the journey itself is more important and valuable than the destination and outcome.Some people feel that they do not deserve to succeed or be lucky.For further information: Are Some People Born Lucky or is it Just an Attitude of Mind ? (Lifestyle Therapy) Susan Leigh is a South Manchester based Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, and a regular contributor to BBC Radio.

She regularly works with professionals to help them cope better with stress and anxiety in their business and personal lives.

By sending out either a positive or a negative expectation of a good result is what we are attracting back to ourselves. And not forgetting that sometimes 'bad' luck can turn out to be good and vice versa.

Sometimes not getting the job or the house that we wanted may turn out for the best, when something better comes along.

An interesting example was a very successful businessman who could not do presentations to his staff.

He became panic stricken and immobile at the prospect of updating his staff on any matter.

In a situation like this, some questions that we need to stop and ask ourselves are, how much do I want this, what else matters in my life ?