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Then she left him to get on with it and glided over to the wardrobe, opening the door quietly so as not to further disturb his concentration. It was therefore entirely normal for Sophie to stand there, checking herself out in front of the full-length mirror which was on the inside door. That's exactly the point," he countered, rolling onto his side, facing her, "Would you have stopped yourself if you had known they were watching? And sensing as much, Alex pressed on, feeding the beast that he knew was lurking just beneath her prim fa├žade. " She giggled and looked into her husband's lustful eyes, a flirtatious sparkle in her own. " A shy nod as one of her fingers went to her mouth. " The question was unexpected, and she turned her head from side to side. Studying how her flexed core and smooth white skin disappeared under the bottoms, knowing what was down there, amazed that such a small thing could be the source of so much desire.

And without a reason to hesitate, she swiftly removed her bright lycra running outfit and flung the various bits onto the day bed, ready to carry out one of her regular self-inspections. And, as with the last assessment, she was content that things were still firm and where they should be. In fact, he was far from being upset as he pictured the scene. "Would you have deprived them the sight of your gorgeous body," he pushed, reaching out to uncross her arms. " he baited, lightly mapping her contours through the thin cotton pajamas. There was meant to be another guy, but he had already logged off. His offhand remark about 'this time' hadn't gone unnoticed, and she shivered at the implications. " she asked, battering her eyelids with a playful faux modesty. " "Well," she said bashfully, "I took my top off." "Really? Staring impatiently as he studied the rise and fall of her heaving chest. The erect nipples poking teasingly against the ever so slightly transparent cotton, begging to be freed. "Then play with them for us now." The blonde lay there with her top open, surprised by how much she wanted to comply. Disappointed that it was only role playing as she briefly sucked the index finger of each hand, before tentatively circling the cute pink areolas with her wet finger tips. Rolling and pinching the sensitive nipples more confidently, feeding a growing sexual greed. Then hooking her thumbs into the elastic, she eased them off. "But you wanted to, I'm sure..." There was no need for her to say anything.

First, call out my name, like you're looking for me" he instructed in a hushed voice. Undressing for the online voyeurs was exhilarating.

----------- "Hi Everyone, thanks for agreeing to a late call," Alex kicked off. Of course, Alex had made sure that the document wasn't blocking anything so that she could see her audience if she wanted.

"I'm at home as you can see, so you're not the only ones being inconvenienced. But his team won't know that, giving them a false sense of security.

"Would you like to show it to them if the opportunity presents itself again?

" "Uh-huh," she nodded, fascinated by the thick cock being stroked over her.

"Yes, that's it," Alex hissed, working his shaft with vigor.

"Use that naughty cunt for us." The wanton blonde didn't need to be encouraged as she worked the wet pussy like a seasoned pro. Her hips gyrating provocatively to the sound of sticky flesh.

But had they been concentrating on the document, or had they just seen his wife get naked? Fully exposing the pink oasis at the center of her smooth white crotch.

The beautiful slit opening up to reveal a cute hooded clit and the entrance to a tiny hole. What a pretty pussy you have," Alex whistled, his nostrils filling with a familiar musk scent as he got up onto his knees, removed his boxers, and gripped his stiff member.

For he saw her weakness and decided to take advantage. Deciding it would be cruel to stop there, she gracefully unclipped and discarded the lacy bra, allowing her perky A-cup tits to bounce free. Concentrating minds on the prize that was within reach.

"Follow my lead and it will work out just fine Sweetie. And there the topless blonde stood, transfixed by the beautiful pink nipples staring back. Any sense of uncertainty that Sophie might have felt earlier was gone.

But it felt unnatural to look at it when speaking, so he probably looked funny to those on the video conference as his eyes would have been looking down all the time.