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that answer is what gave me the courage to give craigslist a try.

i met some great guys that way and had a lot of fun.

If you have an ex wife you can't be all that bad to begin with.

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It's also a matter of being on the right site.. A booty call is a late night request for casual sex.Also it depends a lot on the place, okcupid and Craigslist might reasonably work in the states, over here both of those are a digital wasteland.I thought for years the online dating in my country was either non existing or just filled with fakes and 'desperates'.Just as for meeting with people in real life and the extreme variation on both; speed dating.

But it's all moot and depending on the person receiving it, for example casually dropping you have an ex wife means to one that you're a guy that won't bail before or because it gets to a solid relationship but for another it may immediately wave flags of 'oh no he has baggage and I don't want to hear it'.i wish the guy hadn't used a throwaway, i would love to pick his brain for more.I would say yes, but that is as a married guy in an open-relationship.I'm 19 and just horny all the time and have no problems meeting up with people for casual sex and what not seeing as how I am currently single.I see plenty of advertisements for sites that find hookups and stuff but I wanted to here sexxits opinion on which are the best.i agree.It only spread a bit through people visiting swingers clubs etc.