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Although, it is difficult to say when, I want to release a good album with good music as soon as possible," he revealed.

‘Radio Star’ Bigbang Gdragon, “Dating with Nana Komatsu?

On October 8th, Korean news media outlet Dispatch caught G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara in seemingly intimate proximity during a photo shoot together.

There were also talks about Seungri and Taeyang’s love story.All questions to Taeyang were connected with his girlfriend Min Hyorin. “I also often write handwritten letters to Min Hyorin.“ Seungri who helped out Gdragon talking about his dating scandal. Seungri honestly said “It has been long since I dated. I have a trauma" and even mentioned the rumours that surrounded him.While there has been no confirmation on when the album will be ready, Taeyang did say the members are actively working on it.“Every day we are working on new music at the studio.Radio Star asked various questions in their way and Gdragon replied with his own way. If I admit the breakupscandal then does it mean I dated the person? Gdragon revealed that he likes meeting people and doesn’t mind getting photos taken.

To the questions regarding his breakup and dating scandals. “Although it is a personal issue whether or not to admit it but when viewed in the woman’s perspective. I believe that I don‘t have the responsibility to inform that.” Gdragon who honestly replied even to difficult questions."We tend to respect the personal lives of our artists so we don't have anything to tell you at the moment," the company said.Drug Controversy Regarding G-Dragon On October 2nd, another drug controversy arose regarding G-Dragon after he posted a photo of the word "Molly" embedded in a heart to his Instagram account.Gdragon refuted by saying “That’s Seungri’s personality.“There were also talks about TOP who likes artworks. The things that I had to suppress when doing broadcasts.TOP said “It was serious to the point where it can be considered as a bipolar disorder. I think I comfort things like my craziness a lot by looking at artworks.He was taken to the hospital where he was readmitted for treatment of injuries sustained during a car accident last month.