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News public channel offering news bulletins every 15 minutes from to with special sections such as “Deutschland & Europa” or “Welt und Politik”.Formerly known as ARD Einsextra, rebranded in May 2012 to tagesschau24.

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Many thanks Apparently nothing has changed with your receiver nor the dish and LNB, but you can not be sure.

There are also the LNB-receiver connection issues (cable, distance, couplers, splitters...) and the obstacles between the satellite and the dish (like trees, buildings, awnings...).

In Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Emirates or Kuwait you can receive only Wide Beam of Astra 1M (Europe Ku-band WIDE beam).

If this girl doesn't get a ' from everyone, I'm closing shop. And that dude wants to taste as much of that milk chocolate as possible.Now I´m wondering, can I add Astra 19.2 satellite on my menu and search for it if my tv automatically chooses eutelsat 16A 16E, because I have that option but when i connected my satellite dish, it randomly chosed eutelsat and now i am in doubt. A few days ago my smart TV asked me to re-search all channels on my satellite connection. After the search I have lost all BBC, all ITV and channels 4 and 5. It's mostly German stuff, but quite a lot of English language international news channels, particularly BBC World News.I have a Humax Freesat box, so use the Manual Tune to get the channels.ARTE, Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne.Das Zweite National public television second channel.I am a bit confused between Astra 19.2E and 28.2E, do I need to use 28.2E and realign my dish to this Eric Up to approx 2 weeks ago I received a number of German channels via Astra 1 but they have disappeared now.