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Strings of lights work best for walkways, though some can be mounted higher near patios.

Post- or wall-mounted solar floodlights are excellent options to install near doors and on patios.

The cable that connects the unit to the solar panel is 16.4 feet long, though the panel mounts on a yard spike if needed.

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The lights even come with the necessary drill bit for installing in wooden decks.

Because you need to hide the cables, it can take longer to install these lights than other solar lights.

The 15-foot wire that connects the light to the solar panel gives you a lot of flexibility to get the best exposure to sunlight during the day.

This is an affordable light, costing around on Amazon.

We also offer a short guide on choosing the right solar light for your needs.

None of the lights we researched is perfect, though the Sunforce 81256 is the brightest and one of the most affordable options for most people.Despite these drawbacks, customers on the whole have a positive opinion of the Sunforce 81256. The LE Lighting 6500001-DW is a good value for a solar light, costing around , which also makes it the cheapest solar light we looked at.The light puts out around 160 lumens, which means it isn't as bright as the Sunforce 81256, though it shares most of the adjustable features and is similar in appearance.How We Tested We researched 10 solar lights (three of which are no longer available) and evaluated the specifications and pricing of each. In lieu of physical testing, we looked at each product's customer reviews to find its strengths and limitations.Our final decisions are also informed by years of experience with general product testing and evaluations.Unlike some of the other lights we looked at, Kenroy Home KEH-60503 doesn't have a motion sensor to turn its lights on as needed, however you can use a built-in timer to turn the lights off automatically four, five or six hours after dusk to save on battery power.