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An Amazing Grapes employee who was criticized in the first episode, Brian, vigorously and politely defended his actions in that episode and refreshingly appears to be on solid ground in the update. The amount of time it takes to run a second location or add new product lines is too much for many people.

That insight is still very much worth broadcast airtime.

"The Profit" too quickly outgrew that approach and sadly has hammered home the reality that it's not business school; it's just a TV show.

One wonders why Dan, the chief complainer about Matt, takes no part in this process yet sits in the room with his back to the conversation.

Dan declares to Greg in the original episode that Dan is in charge of wines now, but this image is that of a bystander.

"The Profit" originally was about observing flaws in small businesses and helping owners to correct them.

Rosy predictions are often made, and rarely if ever realized, about 1) an as-yet-unfinished and untitled product going to national grocery chains, 2) expensive hand-made goods landing highly iffy-sounding shelf commitments at regional retailers who require promises and possibly introductions to Lemonis' corporate network, and 3) Lemonis' teams getting ahead of the fashion scene and creating the next big apparel hit every quarter. These businesses frequently consist of bickering, distracted owners and low-wage workers whose paychecks seem at high risk of succumbing to management incompetence.Evidently, Lemonis got rid of Scott's cajons, because while cajons are pictured on the SJC website, there aren't any available for sale.Scott apparently did not agree to appear this time.While it might have been productive to remove original owner Greg from the Amazing Grapes operation, clearly there's a leadership vacuum.One thing clear from "The Profit" is that even the people who run these businesses aren't really comfortable firing people unless Lemonis comes to town.Yet even though Dan has known for a long time that "the guy is lazy" and that it's like "pulling teeth" to get him to do anything, Matt was somehow put in charge of both beer sales and uploading wines to the website, and no one else is capable of doing the latter.