Ideas for updating rancher

Just off the great room, this room looks bigger than it is, thanks to vaulted ceilings and a brick wall (dividing the bedroom from the closet) that doesn’t extend to the ceiling.

“We wanted a place that would draw everyone together,” says Eric, who juxtaposed white quartz with rustic wood strips left over from the floor.

“That was an instance where we saved money, and people comment the most on it.” Adriana’s one big request was to have a brick wall somewhere inside the house. He chose four paint colors for the bricks and then over-grouted them by adding excess mortar between the joints and smearing it over the top.

Walls: This is the easiest and least expensive makeover.

We would start by picking up a few decorator magazines to see the latest in interior colors.

The older girls, Siena, 6, and Ella, 4, like to sit at the island to help prepare dinner, or color at their art table in the middle of the room, while Eric plays with 1-year-old Dempsey.

To add character to the house, the architect chose four materials: custom gray-painted slab and white quartz for a modern touch; over-grouted brick and reclaimed wood for rustic texture.

Eric elongated the space, lifted the 8-foot ceilings, and opened up the kitchen to create a place where everyone could be together.

“If you were to walk into this house on any given evening, you’d probably find us all hanging out in this big open space,” Adriana says.

A: We've got plenty of ideas for you, but because of the scope of this project, let's talk about your bedrooms and living room first.

We'll save the "wet rooms," the kitchen and baths, for next week.

We think wood flooring is timeless, and we like it even more when it's combined with modern short-pile or Berber carpet.