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String data validation can be enhanced with functions in the C string library.For example, we may want to check the length of the string or ensure the entry matches a range in the ASCII table.

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This function clears out a set number of characters, up to a new line character. This code replaces our first cin For a single-character validation, there are a few validation steps we can take.

First, we should make sure that the character entered is a valid letter.

We'll call this a sanity check because it ensures the person entering the value is putting in the right value.

When it runs, you won't be able to enter anything outside of the range. Hint: Type Ctrl C to stop the program from spinning!

We can look at validation in terms of numeric or string validation.

What could possibly go wrong with the following code?

No matter the validation, you still need to test and debug your code to ensure you are accounting for possible entry errors. We have over 160 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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We do this by evaluating the ASCII value of the entry. In our example, the user must enter their middle initial.

We'll be nice and let them enter either upper or lower case.

At this point, there is no checking for a valid age range, a negative number, or a block of text.