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Intelligent women, it appears, are either unwilling to date and marry outside of their IQ cohort or are unable to do so.

This has real implications for both women and men on the left hand side of the curve.

I suspect this discrimination is just a reflection of the fact that women are more discriminating about sex altogether.Research consistently shows that men have a greater and far less discriminating appetite for sex than women do.This is evidence that what men and women look for in a mate diverges.Women apparently value intelligence in a mate—or perhaps the socio-economic rewards for intelligence—more than men do.When it comes to men dating women, this means that intelligent women need to be discounted for their inherent call option.

Less intelligent women—for whom the economy provides less opportunity—don’t have the call option built in and so they don’t need to be discounted.

Less intelligent women have more opportunities to marry because of their ability to attract higher IQ men and the willingness of both sexes to allow for this intelligence gap in relationships.

Less intelligent men have less opportunities to marry, either because intelligent women are unwilling to “marry down” or because the men don’t want to “marry up.” So the real question we are addressing is: why does this discrepancy exist?

They can exit a dating relationship or a marriage in favor of concentrating on their careers.

They do not necessarily need another person in their lives in order to climb the socio-economic ladder. A rational dater will discount the value of a potential mate based on the value of the option.

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