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In total, RIG brings in more than ,000 a week from this one manager.The most common business model is that of RIG, which sells its exploits to other gangs who then sell them down the line.

And the gang, when they get the payment traffic, can infect the victim with whatever malware they would like to use.

So if a buyer wants to use an exploit kit, they inject it into a website, but anywhere from 5-20% of that traffic goes back to the original seller, who then can do whatever they want with that victim.

Much like the fine-tuned systems of mafias and gangs that act almost identically to businesses, hackers have also created their own extremely intricate systems — and the scale of their operations is astounding.

And how do hackers carry out their internal dealings with one another so as not to step on each other's toes?

Security researchers have been embedding themselves into these online underbellies to see precisely what's going on.

This way they can get an early look at the malware hackers are cooking up, while also learning just how the system works.Forums are "The Craigslist of the underground forums," explained Mador."You can see how they advertise malware they would like to sell to each other." It's where hackers and hacking gangs hawk their goods including trojans, bots, and other malicious pieces of software.Magnitude would ask the victims to pay using bitcoin.How much depended on whichever ransomware was used.The catch is it has the customer share a certain percentage of their malware traffic.