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Uncivil or churlish comments will likely get you banned immediately, so make any contribution count!I have degrees in biology and biochemistry, a passion for genetics, history, and philosophy, and shrimp is my favorite food.There’s a fair amount of social science and anecdata that tall males are more reproductively fit. Tall women will generally not pair up with shorter men.

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Adult Friend Finder has helped millions of people find traditional partners, swinger groups, threesomes, and a variety of other alternative partners.Adult dating through Adult Friend Finder saves you time and effort.In other words, there’s going to be variation in the load of deleterious alleles from person to person, and one’s value on quantitative traits (intelligence, height) is a reflection of one’s genetic fitness.There are problems with this model, starting with the fact that one you need to tease apart inter-population variation.As it is, height is a highly heritable trait where there’s a lot of genetic variation present in the population.

One hypothesis might be that short(er) people are simply individuals with a higher mutational load.), Intralocus sexual conflict over human height: Intralocus sexual conflict (IASC) occurs when a trait under selection in one sex constrains the other sex from achieving its sex-specific fitness optimum.Selection pressures on body size often differ between the sexes across many species, including humans: among men individuals of average height enjoy the highest reproductive success, while shorter women have the highest reproductive success.Also, families there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between height and intelligence, which you would expect to see if quantitative traits are reflections of variation in mutational load.So naturally you have to move the possibility of balancing selection.I have suggested in the past that inter-population differences in height may be a function of expected levels of nutritional stress. The same dynamic could produce variation in height within populations as well.