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A bad police report makes prosecution of the perpetrator very difficult or impossible.

If you do not speak English well, did the officer provide you with a professional translator (either a fully bilingual officer or a telephone translator - not a family member or neighbor)?Yes____ No____If you told the officer the abuser has guns, did the officer remove the guns?Ask about the law in your state.)Note: California Family Code Section 6228 and similar laws in other states give domestic violence victims the right to obtain a copy of the domestic violence police report.You can request a copy of the report from the police department or from the district attorney's office.Using this time frame gives most victims time to be somewhat stabilized at the time of interviewing and, at the same time, their memory of the police response will still be fresh.

A large number of offences cover conduct, which hinders or frustrates the administration of justice, the work of the police, prosecutors and courts.

It's designed to touch on basic elements of good police response to domestic violence to help you focus your own more thorough evaluation.

Be sure and add your own thoughts and comments along the way and in the space provided at the end of the form.

Have an interviewer call each one of the case victims and ask the victim if she or he would be willing to be interviewed for the survey.

Probably the best choice of time and date for case selection is around four weeks prior to the time the interviewing will be done.

A good police report can also frequently resolve problems the victim may encounter in many other arenas, such as family court, or in problems with landlords, school, employment, immigration, etc.