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Instead, I created a hidden column Study Type and I have an Item Adding event receiver set this field when an item is created. Now it occurred to me that the client may want to edit the folder and my event receiver must still set the proper fields to new values. I would just add an Item Updating event to my receiver have it execute the same code and all done. if you have changed the name of the column after creating the list, then try with the old name.

Snapshot events are sent only if snapshot information was requested for the items through Subscription#set Requested Snapshot and precede the real time events.

Snapshot informations take different forms in different subscription modes and can be spanned across zero, one or several update events.

The keys in this collection are the Unique Names of the editable columns and the values are the cell content for the edited row before the edit operation. Extract Values From Item(new Values, edited Item) 'the new Values instance is the new collection of key - If you have Grid Template Column inside the grid and want to obtain its original values on update command, you will need to store the old value on Item Data Bound when the grid item is in edit mode and then reference it on update.

The new values which the user entered before triggering the Update command can be fetched calling the Extract Values From Item method. Item = Grid Editable Item) Then Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = CType(e. Saved Old Values will be the dictionary which holds the 'predefined values 'Prepare new dictionary object Dim new Values As Hashtable = New Hashtable e. The code snippet below uses a Session variable for this purpose: Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Update Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik.

Find Control("address"); FYI, something similar works in my case and I did another test last night after I saw your thread to confirm before I replied. I have tested using current Details View Boun Field columns as well as Template Field columns.

Regarding on the accesing Bound Field nested controls in Details View control, since it is autogenerated by runtime and will assign a random id according to the item index, we can not use Find Control method to locate the nested control instance When Bound Fields or Template Field used in Details View control during the Edit and Item Updating event either Bound Field columns new Text or Template Field new Text can not be accessed. Either of them are not returning new values i m afraid.

Here is a sample code (note that this approach is applicable for auto-generated grid column editors): Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Grid Command Event Args) If (e.

Add(New Literal Control("Saved old value for the City editor is: " & CType(Session("saved Old Value"), String))) End Sub Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Telerik.

Refer here: View (and Grid View) don't work properly when not used with a proper datasource. :) you did but what I meant was that you were using this: //Even this Find Control does not help either to read the newly entered Text // Text Box test = (Text Box) dv User Record.

Most notibly, the values dictionaries in the events for updating are not filled. Find Control("address"); whereas, and I think, your detailsview is named dv Record.

Among the solutions named often are looking up the Controls to take the values, and using Object Data Source. When I bind the same List using Data Source instead of the Object Data Source, no e. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. But not when using New Values with Data Bind from code-behind. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.