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Andrea suggests that he can accompany her and T-Dog to look for Sophia in the meantime.Later, he ran out of the farmhouse with the others when the group hears gunfire (Andrea shooting Daryl).Daryl started talking about the time he was squirrel hunting and saw a chupacabra, and Jimmy laughed and found it funny why Daryl would believe such a thing.

Jimmy insisted that if he went out on runs he would want a gun.Jimmy starts to walk off but Shane suggests he can teach him how to use a gun properly. With Jimmy still young and immature, Hershel took it upon himself to look after the boy.While having limited on-screen interactions in the series, Jimmy is shown to be a helpful, kind, and caring individual that has been shown or implied to be on positive terms with almost everyone on the Greene Family Farm and the Atlanta Camp survivors.Jimmy at the range was holding the gun on the side and was trying to shoot like a gangster, when T-Dog told him to stop, Jimmy held his gun normally, fired it and knocked down one of the bottled targets.

Jimmy noticed in the creek that two walkers, Louise Bush and Doug, were trapped in the mud.Afterward, Jimmy joined the group for dinner and sat at the small table with Beth, Maggie, and Glenn.Jimmy was with Rick and Shane talking about locations that they could look for Sophia.Beth and Patricia then walk up, wanting to take part in gun training.Jimmy stands there quietly as the two girls talk to Rick and Shane walks off to have a conversation with Carl.Jimmy and the others then all went to the shooting range, He drove Otis's truck accompanied by Beth and Patricia.