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He began to feel like a bit of an outsider, especially when the others were doing drugs.

)See this song could have a meaning for anyone really, because it practicly explains why he wrote this song and its about his buddy who died in 1990, and he came up with lyrics to this song because he was confused with what really happened with him. I felt i lost everything after he left, but i continued on my ways. Its a message in life that means you shouldn't give up life because another is lost, you should keep on living life at the fullest because you might end up missing something or someone valuable in of you may have noticed links to Nirvana's songs and that is because kurt and anthony were friends infact 'Tearjerker' on 'One Hot Minute' was actually about kurt's death. A great song by the chili peppers, when i was young and the song first came out i thought it was a very different song from there other songs but when i got older i found out that the song is about anthony's drug problems and that the bridge mentioned in the song is where he use to go and shoot up on heroin.Also yes, it was a poem originally, but he also didnt really like the song much to begin with, but he grew to like it and he also couldn't even sing it sometimes because it was too hard for his vocal abilities. i can't remember how old i was [very young] and i heard it playing on the radio in my brothers a many people have said, you realy should read scar tissue [his biography] it's an amazing insight into his past adn how his mind works and you will almost feel you know him after reading it. Even though it about drugs it still is a very good chili pepper song.Flea the bassist and John the guitarist where both extremely high and just ignored him.He also was having memory flashes about his ex girlfriend Ione who had loved him with all of her heart.After he presented it different ways they went to their interments to find the beat without saying a word.

Singing the song was always difficult to Anthony because it was emotional.

Under the bridge is a song which i feel like i was talking woth anthony when he wrote it or i wrote it by my self....every single lyric is dedicated to me and how i feel ....

The song is THE BEST SONG EVER and the chilis rule....

Flea's best friend River Phoenix was the leading actor in the movie and the band's song Transcending is about River and his death. It's very special to me, every time I hear it's rhythm it reminds me not to give up and that everything is going to be ok. Now days they've matured beyond the punk/funk thing, even when they try to emulate it on songs like Hump de Bump.

There is also a small chunk of lyrics in Give It Away referring to River. It actually took the attention from the "The use your illusion tour" Guns n roses .. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of their new stuff but for me BSSM was the perfect mix of all the things that make this band great.anthony himself put to rest all our interpretations of this song in his autobiography, "scar tissue." in the book he says that after he got clean for the first time, a lot of things changed in the band dynamic.

On the bus back to his apartment, he began humming and wrote a few lyrics to suit his mood, "I don't ever want to feel/like I did that day" he shows the comfort his home city (la "the city of angels") gave him in the line, "at least I have her now/the city she loves me"the bridge in the title is the one anthony went to to shoot up with mexican dealers and gang members this is one of the most beautiful, melodic and tragic songs about addiction, and it is consumated beautifully by the church choir at the end (not John f's mother! But if your Really cool you call them "The Peps" Heard a D J say that years ago.