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We're close enough to make out her facial expressions, and when she stomps her white cowboy boots on the stage floor, or claps a slow flamenco-style accompaniment to "Pocket Knife", she doesn't need a microphone to be heard.

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He watched us rehearse for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and I was pretty strung out on smack.

We were very dysfunctional — fighting and playing at the same time — and he kind of slipped away without us noticing.

As Kiedis revealed in his best-selling 2004 autobiography, Scar Tissue, he was also in thrall to the drug, only finally cleaning up his act shortly before writing the book.

Yet the Chili Peppers offered a danceable, less ethically troubled alternative to the mainstream, than Nirvana’s angsty grunge, and became hugely influential, inspiring groups as diverse as Jane’s Addiction, the Prodigy and Bloc Party.

It also set the template for an as yet unbroken sequence of collaborative albums, which have turned the Chili Peppers into American rock heavyweights, rivalled only by Metallica.

With a stable line-up, and a winning formula, it was increasingly hard to see what could derail the band.In that climate, it’s reassuring to find one of the world’s biggest rock acts, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, crashing in at Number One with their 10th album, I’m With You, and ensconced, on a whistlestop, week-of-release London visit, in business-as-usual opulence at Claridge’s.The cavalry have arrived at last, and two of their number are draped at either end of a banquette in one of the Mayfair hotel’s rambling suites.But then he adds that it’s actually “about three or four things, creating a quadruple helix of ideas forming one lyrical notion” — a clarification that hardly allays the nagging sense that Kiedis, and the band as a whole, lack emotional depth. “I don’t know what came first, the band or the youth, but they seem to perpetuate one another.Cave flyttade till England 1980 och till Västtyskland 1982.Kiedis talks of their leisurely five-year operating cycle, which consists of two years’ writing and recording, one year’s touring, then two years of “cleansing the palate”.