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Their young love turned into a lengthy relationship and they were together for over a decade.

Despite their commitment to one another, Margulies had no intention of tying the knot,and they later split in 2003.

132 episodes and a number of award nods, they made the right decision.

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’ Those are the things I wanted to do.” She wasted no time after leaving the show to do exactly that.Julianna’s parents were divorced when she was a young girl, and the splitting up of her family put the actress off settling down and having children of her own.In response to the questions, the actress bluntly stated, “I was never­ much of a kid person, I mean, I thought they were cute to look at, but I didn’t want them in my house.” as Carol Hathaway was not only recognized by fans.She was widely praised by critics and she became the only cast member on the drama to win an Emmy award for her performance.Being with Keith led Margulies to abandon her skepticism about marriage and she agreed to marry him.

Ironically, Julianna had a strict rule that she did not want to date actors due to the stigma that stuck with them.While the decision was an incredibly difficult one, as the show propelled her to success, she found comfort and reassurance when reading a book on the liberating, ancient Asian religion.She recalled how she closed her eyes when reading the book, placed her finger on a page and opened it.In front of her were the words “Learn more, not earn more.” Around 2005 when Julianna was “contently single,” she attended a friend’s birthday in Soho where she met Keith Lieberthal.The two clicked straight away and she turned to Lieberthal and said, “If you’re looking for the marrying type, it’s not gonna be me.” Nevertheless, a year and a half later Lieberthal got down on one knee on a romantic trip to Paris., Juliana was on a tight schedule for learning her lines and filming the TV show for many months in the year.