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In his last years he and his wife moved from Hest Bank to Caton Hall before returning to Hest Bank where he died in 1933.He was a man of international status having worked for Kings as well as Dukes, Lords and Viscounts.He began by making the point that movements arise out of the conditions of their time, and that in the case of Quakerism the catalysts were the Civil War and arguments about secular and religious authority.

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On a lovely July evening Briggflats Meeting House was the venue for the final summer meeting..

It was particularly appropriate to sit in a place so steeped in Quaker history to hear about the local origins of the movement.

His reputation grew and he obtained a commission from Lord Leverhulme to landscape fifty acres of ground around his house, Royston Cottage, on Rivington Pike.

This included the design for a Japanese garden which was fashionable at that time. All the unmarried men in his Lancaster office enlisted and sadly one of his sons killed in the war.

As a result of this Thomas obtained other commissions at Holehird, Cringlemire, Langdale Chase and Moor Crag.

In 1900 Thomas designed and built for himself The Corbels in Windermere.

This was followed by work at Graythwaite Hall which gave Thomas the opportunity to display his passion for terraces and balustrades complemented by ball-finials.

Other characteristics of his work were large lawns for playing games and yew hedges.

Many had been officers in Cromwells New Modern Army.

This area, with its large parishes and lack of strong control was ripe for the rise of a radical movement, demonstrated in1862 by a strike in Dentdale against the payment of tithes.

When he was fourteen his father bought a property at Langber End to set up a nursery and fruit farm and Thomas was needed to help.