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Heaven on earth, let’s feel it together tonight Remember the miracle underneath the star Gather your hands, see how magic plays again Repeat the sounding joy Repeat the sounding joy Repeat repeat the sounding joy Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Joy!

Joy to the world Joy to the world the lord is come Let earth receive her king Let every heart prepare him room And heaven and nature sing And heaven and nature sing And heaven and heaven and nature sing Y’all roses are red violets are blue Ooh we all look finer than any other poem Will everyone show me their smiles? Pull the sled Christmas night shines even more Heaven opened up to me We became one Joy!

– Onew won the ‘Rookie award’ at the “2016 Scene Stealer Festival” for his role in “Descendents of the Sun”. – He will go to the CD shop and ask, “Where are the SHINee CDs? – Good at saying honeyed words, but hearing lines like “Are you hurt? – Key donates to charities often, and tries to do volunteer work too.

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– Key’s ideal type: “It changes often, but lately the type I like is a mysterious woman who, after getting to know her better, is actually well-read and knowledgeable.” Minho – He was born in Incheon, South Korea. – Education: Konkuk University – Minho’s dad is a soccer coach so that’s where his love of soccer comes from. – When he was a child he dreamed of becoming a soccer player. – He acted in several dramas such as “Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation Team” (2012), “To The Beautiful You” (2012), “Medical Top Team” (2013), “Because It’s The First Time” (2015), “Drinking Solo” (2016 – cameo), “Hwarang” (2016-2017), “Somehow 18” (2017), “The Most Beautiful Goodbye” (2017).– Minho won the New Star Award for his role in the drama “To The Beautiful You” during 2012 SBS Drama Awards.Onew is said to have been drunk when he unintentionally grabbed a woman’s leg while he was with his friends at a night club in Gangnam. – Key’s official color is pink and his fans are called “lockets”.– Key and Minho wrote all the rap parts for their upcoming album, “Story of Light”. Casting System – His nicknames are Flaming Charisma Minho, Frog Prince Minho. – Minho and Key got into a fight before debut and were hostile to each other for a few years after (Happy Together 2016) – In 2015 Minho participated in KBS’s show “Exciting India”, alongside TVXQ’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, and EXO’s Suho – He acted in the movies: Canola (2016), Marital Harmony (2016), Derailed (Two Men) (2016). can't believe there are people who don't know who Kim Ki Bum is ㅜㅜ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. Should've just stayed with Su Ju or never even joined to begin with if he was going to act. [ 78, -0] He was the most handsome member in Su Ju but he left to do dramas -Source: Nate 1. So the guys who were supposed to be actors, like Heechul, Siwon or Kibum, were probably shocked to see their planes changed.

[ 503, -21] I read Kim Kibum and wondered if it was the Su Ju guy and it is..... [ 371, -15] Wow it's been a while since we've heard news about him... [ 111, -0] Feels like Kim Kibum messed up his life way too early on. [ 110, -4] I really thought Kim Kibum would be one of the most popular members of Su Ju back in the day... [ 83, -0] If he stuck with Su Ju, I bet he'd be better off right now 9. [ 10, -1] I still don't know who these two are To be fair, he was debuted in a rotational project, and one year later the company decided to make it a fixed group.

Champ (2010), Pure Love (2013 -cameo), Royal Villa (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016).

– In August 2017, he was involved in a sexual harassment incident. stated the charges have been dropped as the situation was caused by a misunderstanding. – Key helped design many of the costumes that SHINee members wore at concerts. – Key was in the global edition of “We Got Married” where he was paired with Ari Chan.

– Taemin was the first member in group to release a solo album, named “ACE” with title song Danger (on August 18, 2014).

– Taemin’s albums: “ACE” (2014), “Press It” (2016), “Sayonara Hitori” (2016), “Flame of Love” (2017), “Move” (2017). – Taemin’s ideal type: “I like someone that is consistent and true.

SHINee Members Profile: SHINee Facts and Ideal Types SHINee (샤이니) currently consists of: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. – Onew’s official color is green and his fans are called “MVPs” because of his line in the lyrics of the song “Replay”: “Noona you’re my MVP”. – He acted in the drama Drinking Solo (2016) and “Lookout” (2017). They are featured a lot in Key’s social media sites.