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You can never know too much and anyone who is a diehard will tell you, you are never done learning.

These Frenchies are our passion and we are fortunate to share our lives with them....... Unlike some breeders out there, we do it all, we are hands on with the babies from the time they are born at the Vet....

READ THAT PAGE to understand what it takes when a breeder does things the RIGHT WAY. I always use the example of one lady who wanted a "SMALL UNDER 20 POUND CREAM FEMALE" when she emailed me.I told her all I had was ONE BOY and he was FAWN and was going to be BIG.... Now at almost 5 years old this single puppy who was the only baby in his litter grew to be a 30 pound big, fawn boy and is the love of her life.By "conformation flaws" could be something as minor as being a little longer than what the judges like or not having enough pigment around the nose or eyes.It can be a male puppy with one undescended testicle, which as long as it is neutered it is not a health issue or concern, but it cannot be shown and of course should not be bred, and other minor issues as such.You must fly to pick your puppy up personally, more on our shipping page. When people say "OH I ONLY WANT A PET", like if they want to settle for worst of the litter, it makes no sense.

In all honesty that "PET Quality" puppy may be the "BEST" one in the litter as far as personality and looks, it may just have a "cosmetic conformation flaw" that would prevent it from becoming a titled "Show Champion", but there is nothing inferior about the puppy.

We both help dry them and help cut and tie the umbilical cords when they take them out of mommy in the operating room and continue from there until they leave our home.

Our babies are bred and raised by us, not imported EVER.


****CLICK HERE FOR SCAM ALERT PAGE****Whether you acquire a puppy from us or not, do your research. I have TONS of references, Vets and those who have our puppies that can vouch for the service we give any new "PUPPY" owners.

It takes plenty of time, loss of sleep, work, gas, money and love to raise a litter of French Bulldogs properly until 9-12 weeks of age. There are no guarantees in life with babies, HUMANS OR CANINES... they say frenchie girls can be more "bitchy", "moodier" and "feistier" if you will and boys are more mellow, sweet and easy going (as long as they are neutered of course). They like ALL the loving and feel like the world revolves around them.