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Wood and staff and volunteers can change the camera view remotely to capture specific data on seals or seal activities.

Anyone can access the streaming video via mobile phones, tablets, or computers - fulfilling's goal of using technology to bring nature to people around the world.

Video data will also be collected to develop a pup production model, something that does not exist for any U. Several marked seals have already been seen in camera footage.

Waring served as chief scientist for Cape Cod’s first tagging and sampling effort on adult gray seals, conducted in June 2013 off Chatham, Massachusetts.

Here you can see (depending upon the camera angle), compost in production, bagged compost awaiting shipping, or product being loaded onto trucks for delivery.

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Gray seal pupping season is underway on Maine’s Seal Island, and “Seal Cam” is once again capturing the colony’s activities via live streaming video.

The camera was turned on in December at the start of the gray seal pupping season and has already captured the live birth of a baby seal, social behaviors between adults, and interactions with bald eagles on the island. The footage can be seen on's web site at

Seal cam, powered by solar panels, will be streaming live footage daily between 10 a.m. The seal cam site was officially launched January 8 with a live chat with Stephanie Wood, a Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) seal researcher.

Wood and Gordon Waring, who heads the NEFSC seal research program, learned in late November that a remote video camera would be available again this year for research during gray seal pupping season on Seal Island.

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