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Now, I shall conclude this Paper, after I have set down the Time & Place of my own Nativity, viz.-- I James Boone (the eldest Son of James Boone, Senior, & Mary his Wife) was born in the Township of Exeter aforesaid, on the Fifth Day of the Week, about five o'clock in the Morning, on the 26th Day of January 1743‑4, Old‑Stile, or A. (It will be noted that the persons named above are not recorded in the order of their birth. (Note: ‑While the following is contained in the same manuscript group in the Draper Collection, it appears to be a different and separate composition by James Boone.

The hand writing is the same as that in the foregoing record, but it is not so carefully prepared, nor does it seem to have been written on such good paper, as it is much more mutilated than the first document.

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The dates are precisely the same, so far as they go, in both papers. 1717, and went to Bristol where they took Shipping, and arrived at Philadelphia in 1717 September 29, Old‑Stile, or October 10th New‑Stile; three of their Children, to wit, George, Sarah & Squire they sent in a few Years before. 2 January 1765 in Rowan County, North Carolina Married in Berks County, Pennsylvania to: Sarah Morgan b. 1777 (according to supposed headstone) Mary Boone b. (in her 75th year of age) Married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to: John Webb d.

The same general dates also appear in a similar record preserved by a nephew of said James Boone, Mr. (2) (1) "Notes of conversations with the venerable Isiaiah Boone, a brother of Jonathan Boone and also with Col. From Philadelphia they went to Abington, and staid a few Months there; thence to North‑Wales, and liv'd about 2 Years there; thence to Oley in the same County of Philadelphia, where Sarah (being married) had moved to some Time before.

Daniel Boone, was sent, in or about the year 1787, to Berks county, Pennsylvania, to attend school; and there residing among his relatives, received the instructions of his father's cousin, James Boone; and returning home to Kentucky the next year, brought with him this Genealogical Narrative, written by the said James Boone, as is endorsed on the instrument, March 21st, 1788. at age 57 First married 1726 to: Ann Farmer Second married to: Susannah d.

(1) It is a beautiful specimen of chirography, as hundreds can attest who have seen it: "I can truly say," declares Mr. Boone, a prominent attorney at law of Louisville, Ky., the original has been obtained. DE Babys – hier finden Sie alle Erfolgsgeschichten.This section of our Web Site covers the earliest generations of Daniel Boone's family to arrive and live in America, starting with Daniel Boone's grandfather George Boone, Sr. He made at least two copies, both of which are mentioned below, and one of which, the first one mentioned, became a part of the Draper Collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. in New Britain Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania d. James gave one copy to Jonathan Boone, the son of Daniel Boone's brother Squire. In Fayette County, Kentucky Married unknown to: Sarah Day d. The material herein is considered by most Boone family scholars to be the most reliable Boone family genealogy information available. 11/ Married about 1764 to: Ann or Nancy Linville b.