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Most women cite their children as the reason why they still hold on to the last name since it means they will have the same name as their kids.

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Since no one can foresee a future where both of them are separated, it seems logical to support such a decision where the family name establishes businesses.However, in case of a divorce, it makes a lot of sense to maintain the last name of the ex if an established company that has reverted to the ex-wife bears his last name.If people had known the woman by that name for over a decade, it makes every sense to stick on to it.At the same time, it's possible that all the academic papers, such as degrees and diplomas earned while still married, were provided with the last name.The man might end up being irritated that the ex-wife is still using his name.

Just like anything about divorce being legal the question in most people's minds is whether there are guidelines about this. There are men who might be wondering why the women they have married have refused to drop their last name from a previous marriage.However, it becomes clear the hassle involved in changing everything is a tall order, potentially expensive and a long process, especially if changing her maiden name and transforming other items to reflect her married status took a lot of trouble and money.It means that if you decide to revert to your maiden name you have to remove the last name from your banking information, driver's license, social security card, passport and any other document with the ex's last name.At the end of the day, everyone ends up with the last name of the ex.Women who have divorced and would like to have a sense of their own identity and forget the man who brought a lot of pain in their lives simply seek to have the last name dropped.While it might not seem right to some men, sticking to a last name does not really mean the woman is holding on to hopes of remarrying her ex.