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Having large rumors concerning Marsha being a lesbian has trigged her temper, and she has set out overtly to clear those accusations. I will be able to ne'er say I haven’t fantasized or had sexually express dreams concerning girls before! I’ve been known as a lesbian since I got into the recreation business!Once claims were there relating to she dating fellow singer, Natalie Stewart who are noticed many times along and area unit believed to be in an exceedingly relationship. You’re nobody until somebody calls you gay lol I’m therefore comfy with myself.” Weight loss journey of Marsha can also be seen all over the internet and she has gathered ample fans for her multiple attributes.Marsha Ambrosius is an English song writer cum singer born in Liverpool, England on 8th of August 1977. She attended British school for performing arts and technology and studied business. Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart created Floetry in the year 1997 and they wrote n number of songs and did many stage performances around London.

The album featured guest appearances from Charlie Wilson, Skye and Lindsey Stirling.

In June 2014, the album's initial and second singles "Run" and "Stronger" that includes Dr. Ambrosius later published her debut solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings, in March 2011.

She lived in Philly on and off for about six years, with Ambrosius staying a little longer before moving to Los Angeles around 2010. hanging out with the Roots guys and their whole Black Lily open-mic nights, the older cats who were born of the Sound of Philadelphia, Patti La Belle - that was something.") "Philly was flowering," Stewart recalled.

(In an Inquirer interview last year, Ambrosius, who was unavailable for this interview, said, "I was there during a magic moment in music history . "There was variety in local people of the African diaspora making music. Plus, when we first got there, the 76ers were in the finals. It was a nice time." Also magical is how the duo has come together again after being apart for nine years. The two met as children, drawn together by their love of basketball.

Marsha Ambrosius’ life is full of good things these days.

Not only has she reunited with former group member the floacist, Natalie Stewart, the singer, songwriter and producer recently announced that she is expecting a child.Marsha has been appointive for a complete of six Grammys and has been honored by BMI as their composer of the Year.Marsha has won Soul Train Award for class Record of the Year for "Far Away" in 2011.But the group disbanded in 2007 and Ambrosius went on to pursue a sole career.Friends & Lovers, her second studio album, was released videos in Georgian calendar 2014 by RCA Records.K, and has performed board front of crowds from completely different places.