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In searching I met a guy who seemed very similar to me and we immediately started chatting on instant messenger within the site.

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For this reason, it's easy to tell fake profiles from real profiles, although there aren't too many fake profiles in the first place.With regards to response rate, most members respond very quickly, especially when using the instant messaging feature as opposed to the emailing feature.All members who can chat are paying members, so you're likely to run into committed people looking for love.The Match Guarantee is a unique feature rarely offered by dating sites, making well worth a try.Melissa, Designer, 31 - I had been out of the dating game for 5 years after breaking up with my long term boyfriend.

I had used in the past and I was pleased to see that it was still around.

Alternatively, write to them at the main postal address advertised on the website: UK, PO Box 64197, London, WC1A 9FG, United Kingdom.

Or feel free to use their registered London office address in the UK: International LTD, 55 Strand, London, WC2N 5WR, United Kingdom.

The only real requirement to get this guarantee is to ensure your profile has been completed and that you have initiated or responded to at least 5 members per month, which shouldn't be a problem if you are legitimately seeking someone on the site.

If you are seriously interested in finding the perfect match, look no further than Their mix of being a dating site where you can search for members and matchmaker service that identifies highly compatible matches works brillantly and offers the best of both worlds.

is one of the oldest dating sites around and has a huge number of members to choose from.