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You can’t hire a billion of them, and they prove meddlesome in ways that algorithms don’t.They need bathroom breaks and health insurance, and the most annoying of them sometimes talk to the press.

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Hillary Clinton had just defeated Bernie Sanders in Nevada, only to have an activist from Black Lives Matter interrupt a speech of hers to protest racially charged statements she’d made two decades before.And on Facebook, a popular group called Blacktivist was gaining traction by blasting out messages like “American economy and power were built on forced migration and torture.”So when Zuckerberg’s admonition circulated, a young contract employee named Benjamin Fearnow decided it might be newsworthy.When he woke up after sleeping in, he noticed that he had about 30 meeting notifications from Facebook on his phone.When he replied to say it was his day off, he recalls, he was nonetheless asked to be available in 10 minutes.Plus, the young journalists knew their jobs were doomed from the start.

Tech companies, for the most part, prefer to have as little as possible done by humans—because, it’s often said, they don’t scale.That same day, Ahuja had another conversation with a second employee at Trending Topics named Ryan Villarreal.Several years before, he and Fearnow had shared an apartment with Nuñez. The last he heard from his employer was in a letter from BCforward.If the word “Trump” was trending, as it often was, they used their news judgment to identify which bit of news about the candidate was most important.If or a hoax site published a spoof that went viral, they had to keep that out.Fearnow, a recent graduate of the Columbia Journalism School, worked in Facebook’s New York office on something called Trending Topics, a feed of popular news subjects that popped up when people opened Facebook.