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I am going to ask him to leave shortly - among my New Years Resolutions was to be happy this year and to be stronger and not be made to feel bad by him.

Thanks again for your reply The 1st paragraph of your 1st post could have been written by my sister.

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He has ex girlfriends and his ex-fiancee on FB but yet I get questioned every time a male school friend or another male friend comments on a post/status of mine.

He actually gave a male friend of ours PERMISSION to talk to me a couple of years ago right after his affair!! He wants me to get over his affair and yet he is still not trusting me while also carrying on wth affair like behaviour ie texting women and deleting the messages.

I would have got the lecture about trust and how outrageous I was and no wonder he doesnt trust me etc.

It also brings back all of the memories of his affair and the betrayal etc.

My H has always been insecure - not from anything I have done but due to childhood issues and previous relationships.

He has always accused me of be up to stuff, he frowns on male friends of mine, he always asks me who is texting me and who I am texting, we left a xmas party of his cos I spoke to another male, he had a go at me at a friends funeral because a male friend came and stood next to me and chatted to me etc.

I said that if I had sat there and text one of our male friends there, then he would have told me I was out of order etc. I then asked to see the messages to see what sort of thins they were writing to each other. I asked Why and he said Cos he had deleted a lot of his messages.

But as he was saying this, he was scrolling through his messages and there was still a lot on there.

I know he has had a couple of conversations with another woman on FB then deleted the messages.

They were innocent conversations, so can only assume he deleted them cos it was a conversation with a woman - and I would be frowned upon if I had a conversation with a man in private messages.

Am I right to be mad and suspicious at him for deleting them?