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And the best thing about soup is that the next day, heated up, it tastes even better! my family calls me Allypoo, that name i’m pretty sure will never die, but i kind of like it. It developed when we were backpacking through Europe and spent every minute of every day together – which made us delirious.

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He gave me this strange look, and asked what that word meant. I nicknamed my husband “Food Vacuum” after coming home several times astonished at the missing food from our fridge/pantry! He hasn’t nicknamed me yet – or that I remember ;) Reply The only nickname I have ever had is Bull, and my dad is the only person that calls me that.

I had no idea what he was talking about because my family used it so frequently growing up, I though it was a real word. We also have a voice for our cat Gusto but my husband does it best. One day I saw him open the pantry, and I went “Vrrrrr!!! I used to throw a huge fit over it when I was a teenager and go on and on about how I shouldn’t be nicknamed after a cow, but I guess that was just your typical pubescent brattiness. :-) Reply If Scotty and I were ever on the Newlyweds game and we were asked this question, we would both chime in that our shared nickname is “Favorite” But, we do have a couple wierd nicknames. I’m definitely not but he thought I looked like a super flower child when we met.

Rarely do I get called Pam it’s usually…Pammers, Pammish, Pdiddy, Pambalina, Pambrella, Pammy, Pamcakes, Pam cat, and the two I hate…pamster ( ugh sounds too much like hamster) pambo (sounds like an elephant). : D My boyfriend (of 8 years) and I are incapable of calling each other by our first names.

Reply i call my husband “buckets.” it came about because if he can’t remember someone’s name he says “what’s his bucket.” not what’s his face or what’s his name, but what’s his bucket. We met in a Japanese class, where only last names are used, and never quite made the transition properly.

ha ha He brought me over the dictionary to prove it wasn’t a word and ever since then it’s our nick name for each other. I have been making tons of soups lately…I never knew how easy it was until recently. I have yet to find a suitable nickname for him though…other than “dork” or “geek”. As for the nicknames, well, my husband calls me Bobs (I used to leave bobby pins all over the house) and I call him Shtoops, Bubbins, Nubs, Gibbins, etc. On Saturday, Scotty likes to relax- we’ve dubbed it Scotterday. The nicknames I’ve had are all the usual ones related to Angela – Ange, Angie, etc. they are/were the only ones who EVER got away with calling me Angie Pangie.. & only about a million (names that is lol) Schatje (me… Reply My nicknames for my fiance and his for me are: * Babe (baby, babylala) * Monkapoo (Monk, Monka, Monkers, Monkabutt, Monkey) … I am also “little one,” “pixie” and “pea.” Reply My boyfriend calls me “Pie tin” even though I insist that I am only a “pie” and not a tin. It’s more that we’re developing a shared language, in which we have weird nicknames for inanimate objects.

Unlike you, I don’t sautee the veggies first…I just chop and add all my veggies, add water, seasonings, beans, just dump it all in one pot, boil for an hour and voila, I’m done. But not fit to print publicly :) Reply Other than just “T” by my family and friends, my boyfriend does call me “Monkey”, mostly because out of the last five minutes of my morning, before I go into work, I jump on top of him while he’s sleeping and cling to him sort of like a baby monkey to a mama monkey until I have to leave. And he jokes about how he caught the Nicolitus bug. dutch for treasure or honey), lieverd (dutch for darling) him: babes, honey bun(ny), monkey bum, PITA (pain in the A$$), babycakes, mijn liefde (my love) I am sure there are more lol, you are normal ;o) Reply haha I love this post. ;) this one has gotten out of hand * He calls me “Sunshine” every now and then * Stinker (in a cute way, not because either of us stinks! You definitely are not alone – nicknames for my husband and I are Nuzzlehead and Buzzy – both names turn into all sorts of renditions such as nuzzy buzzy, hunny buzzy, buzzy wuzzy, nuzzle baby, the list goes on! He has threatened to propose marriage by saying “will you be my pie tin? But we have approximately seven badrillion nicknames for our cat. Reply This soup looks amazing and your story makes me love this blog even more :) My husband and I both call each other “honey” and rarely say each others names.

I usually call him ‘Swee’ or ‘Beb’ and he likes to call me ‘Beb’, ‘Bebe’ or the ever popular ‘Beeeb’.. I really do no mean to make you two any less original but I had a temporary freak out when I started reading your post.

most of the time we just forgo names entirely and go straight into the talking, though! I am the pinky and my partner is the brain and you know what I am totally okay with this because my partner is really very extremely intelligent.

This soup sounds delish and a way that I can actually eat veggies without gagging. I must go back and watch the video to hear the Sketchie voice, I’m so curious now. But we would get looks from strangers when they heard us call each other “Koo Gehl” or “Foo” — it was funny to us though! As a result, we also use every way of saying it, too! He only answers to Bug, or Bug Breath, or Roo (As a toddler, he thought his name was Roo Roo, rather than Andrew.

My dad has always called me “angel cake.” Me and my husband have a few nicknames for each other, but I’ll never tell. We don’t have nicknames for each other, but we do have about a million nicknames for the dog! (I have to be careful not to use it too much when we have company over– I don’t want to be a crazy “dog lady! My Fiance calls me everything under the sun, Poptart, Patch-po, Snickerdoodle, Pupmkin Spice (yes, he calls me Pumpkin Spice). He was SO MAD when his family let that one slip last Thanksgiving! I am SO RELIEVED to see so many other ridiculous, well-adjusted couples out there!

We don’t argue about who is the brain and who is pinky, however, and so since my man can’t argue otherwise, I’ll just say that’s because I’m the brain ;) But we also call each other “polar bear” and “penguin” which is all too convenient around Christmas time because there’s polar bears and penguins all over the place. :) My boyfriend and I are “Re” and “Shlee.” His name is Jeffrey, and growing up his cousin couldn’t pronounce his full name so just said “Re,” and it’s stuck with his family. ” because he knows I will have to say yes, thus forever committing myself to pie-tinniness. I’ve been making slow cooked meat and adding more and more water and veggies, hoping he won’t notice that it’s actually stew… Around other people, it’s “baby”, “sweetie”, or “hon”. I love to make (and frezze) huge batches of soup all winter long. “Babe” happens a lot as well as “pookie.” Ok the cheesiest has to be when he comes home and I get super excited. Reply Oh yeah, I confirm, you are completely normal! I call Eric my “old man” since he’s 3 years older than I am. Reply Haha…my boyfriend and I don’t have any cute nicknames for each other. I just call him Meanest because he calls me names like Stinkita, or Stinks for short. We would wonder the halls of high school muttering those lines Lol our favorites of pinky were “if jimmy cracks corn and nobody cares, why’s he keep doin it? Oh and there is one other but I’m totally blanking on it Lol.