Monotheistic religions predating judaism

The common thread of the last few contributors seems to be that God is the creation of man.Somehow the notion of a big brother sitting in judgment keeps many us under some sort of control in high density large population living.I am remembering this from a class long ago and it was brought up that Ometeotl was used perhaps as the representative of the God of the conquerors, such that God = Ometeotl for new converts.

So far, the consensus appears to be that the notion of God as a single entity turned up in the Middle East maybe before Abraham, but certainly no longer than 6000 years ago. I have not found a more compelling argument for the pervasive existence and influence of religion/divinity over time and across cultures.As I was trying to point out another time long ago, christian conservatives are a dying breed and their arguments for biblical interpretation against science and logic are mere smile-nodders. Don't mean to offend anyone, but GOP seems to stand for God's Old Plan.And we are still having the same problems in civilisation today that Moses had 3700 years ago.This creation of our predecessors is now the supposed omnipotent, omnipresent, all-knowing big brother watchdog of Jews, Christians and Muslims.I'm always aghast when we address their issues not b/c they rely on faith which is a real phenomenon; but rather because they're always so obvious about hoping (! Time for the New New Deal, but that is for another category.

The date of origin of monotheism is certainly debatable and the Meso Americans had a monotheistic god as well, independant of Europeans, Ometeotl, very underreported God as he is.

In the 20th and 21st century we witnessed Muslims killing Muslims, Jews killing Muslims and vice versa, Christians killing Muslims and Muslims killing Christians, virtually all in the name of God or Allah.

And the second oldest of the three monotheistic followers, Christianity, is still having trouble in stabilising its own belief system.

Are there any other bidders in this auction that a monotheistic God is a creation of man in the Middle East up to 6000 years ago?

And to put this into perspective, the Cro Magnon model has been around for at least 25000 years. Ometeotl was a dualistic god of both male and female and is seen to be like the Ahura Mazda of Zoroasterianism I believe.

The word that maintains the components as separate entities is 'et'.