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A sophisticated lifecycle and transactional Email Strategy makes CRM an important driver of our businesses.

Product Management’s main responsibility is to build a superior service for our members.

They recruit outstanding talent for all departments, help and support our staff, see to it that we are all paid at the end of the month and make sure that we have a great working environment!Our Accounting department is a combination of experienced international accountants, controllers and analysts, dedicated to the integrity of the organization’s financial business processes and controls.It’s also a place where you can advance very quickly with the right attitude: I came here as a part time student not that long ago!” “I’ve been with insparx since 2015 and really feel like I’m surrounded by some of the brightest minds in technology.While I appreciate the flexible working hours and possibility to work from home, I also love coming into the office.

It’s a very friendly atmosphere here.” “insparx has given me the chance to learn, develop my skills and advance within the company.BI provides relevant, comprehensive, meaningfully, analyzed and aggregated data as well as generate proposals for other departments and management.Guiding the user – from the moment of registering to finding love or passion at be2 and C-Date – that’s what Customer Relationship Management aims for.Customer Service is about creating a relationship of trust and loyalty with our customers.The Services Area incorporates Admin, Legal and HR.The sharing of advice, experience and best practice has been essential to me and helped me grow into the role of Country Manager for France.” “I joined the company in 2006 after the birth of my son.