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Jonetta on the Tameka debacle Jonetta said she has been sad for 8 years, mainly because of the "marriage thing." She said she's not the type of mother who believes "no one is too good for her son." but Usher chimed in and challenged that in a playful way.

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But she never told Usher 'I told you so" after the marriage fell apart.

Jonetta said Usher told later "he should have listened " and owned it.

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Oprah & Usher had their much awaited sit down for "Oprah's Next Chapter." And it aired last night. While chillin' at Usher's crib (which he bought from L. Reid and is the same house in which he was introduced to Reid at age 16), Oprah dug in about the burning custody, divorce & cheating questions we all have.

Usher said it completely hurt him to hear people saying he was not at Kile's funeral. So he lied about having a sinus infection as the reason to why he left the stage.

He said he was hurt by the drug rumors, but he still never denied them.The two have had a rocky relationship since Tameka came into the picture and Jonetta being over-protective, but they are still working things out.On whether Usher was faithful to ex-wife Tameka Raymond After a long explanation, he finally said No.Jonetta on raising Usher as a single mom Usher's father was a drug addict.Once Jonetta got remarried, she left Usher's stepfather because he wanted her to chose between him or Usher--she chose Usher.And a few she needed for her own thoughts apparently. He talked around most of the questions and eventually admitted some things. Here are the highlights: On the demise of Usher and Tameka's relationship Usher says there were a ton of people against their marriage from the start.