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In two years, My Space has become the most popular social-networking site on the Web, a virtual city of sex and youth culture, with its own celebrities, Casanovas, and con artists.

But My Space's most unlikely character may be its conservative new owner: Rupert Murdoch.

On the second level of a shopping mall in Costa Mesa, California, a short drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles, is a nightclub called Sutra Lounge.

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According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, in November there were 24.5 million unique visitors.

Each day, 170,000 new members sign up, creating their own pages, filling out profiles, uploading photos, and linking to an extended network of like-minded others.

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Often, people are friendly, responsive and love to chat to a whole variety of topics so that you will not get bored and will quickly be able to find a pleasant companion (girl or boy).(Shopping is fun; clubs are fun; there you have it.) And anyway, once you’re inside Sutra, you could be anywhere—anywhere in the vicinity of Los Angeles, that is. on a Monday, Sutra is pulsing with that special brand of synthetic Southern Californian abandonment.Tanned, toned girls in denim skirts no wider than cummerbunds rub up against surfers and real-estate pashas as actress-waitresses pass by carrying trays loaded down with bottles of Grey Goose vodka.Here are some free chat rooms, which are the most popular: All of this suggests the presence of adequate services for finding new friends and companions.We recommend you do not get hung up on social networks (Face Book, Twitter, Vkontakte, Digg, Stumble Upon, Flickr, My Space) and look for new ways of online communication on the Internet, as well as to share with us novelties.And, before long, he is extolling My Space.“I met half of these people on there,” he says, waving an arm. She makes up for it with a general lack of fabric on her upper body.