uliya dating tashkent Nigerian men and dating

A few days after tying the knot, the newly wedded couple fly out of the country to start a new life.

When they get overseas, London, Seattle, Madrid or wherever, our dear Naija boy flips the script on his naive bride. He sucked ,000 from me overall, he took my youth and beauty, he damaged my relationship with my family, I lost my best friend, he took away all my hope and happiness in life. It seems nothing will stop some of us from getting that Green Card or visa.

Most of them will just lay motionless and the man will be pounding and digging and drilling and sweating without any contribution from these female Nigerians.

It is believed that white women, on the other hand, take men to higher realms in bed.

They simply can’t help themselves but to love these women.

And it is not that they are rejecting Nigerian women. They just marry the person they are in love with and that’s all.

These days this is done online via several dating websites.

The second step is to make her fun in love with you.

These images continue to play and replay in the mind of a typical Nigerian man.

They will want to have a taste of what they have desired for so long.

Thus, black men have the opportunity of marrying white women.

You can marry anyone you like from any country and even from any tribe.

This scam has been on since Nigerian men sought for greener pastures in the golden streets of Europe and America.