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Extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOLs are the latest variation in multifocal lens solutions. Peak resolution is only minimally affected, thereby giving reasonably clear vision at all distances with lesser glare and haloes or loss of contrast as compared to multifocals.They are preferable over conventional multifocal IOLs in eyes with maculopathy, irregular corneas or glaucoma.

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Synchrony Vu has a central blended aspheric zone to extend depth of focus.

Accommodative IOLs remain the holy grail of ophthalmic surgery.

It has a non-diffractive 3.23mm diameter opaque PVDF mask with 1.36mm central aperture.

Results show good distance, intermediate and near vision (especially when targeting -0.75 D myopia) and improvement of up to -1.5D of astigmatism.

In today’s increasingly demanding world, the perfect cataract surgery needs to be complemented by a suitable IOL.

Surgeons can choose from an ever-increasing array of monofocal, multifocal and accommodative IOL options to meet their patients’ needs.

The AT LARA 829MP (Zeiss) is the latest EDOF lens to appear.

It has a diffractive aspheric design, chromatic correction and smoother phase zones that optimise contrast sensitivity and minimise light scattering and visual side-effects.

The Mplus, Mplus X (Oculentis) and SBL-3 (Lenstec) are rotationally asymmetric segmented bifocal IOLs with sector-shaped near vision segment giving two focus zones for better depth of focus.

AT Lisa (Zeiss), Fine Vision (Phys IOL), Pan Optix (Alcon), Alsafit (Alsanza) and Acriva Reviol (VSY Biotech) are available trifocals and most have toric versions.

Therefore, it may be implanted in the dominant eye first followed by a micromonovision strategy with EDOF IOL or a multifocal in the non-dominant eye.