Oaxacan women dating

The women in the city of Oaxaca are predominantly from the Zapotec indigenous tribe and are some of the least attractive that I have seen in Mexico.

The people seem nice and are friendly, but unfortunately I'd estimate that only 5% of the people speak conversational English and another 10% speak a few words and phrases.

Oaxaca city is a small city in the foothills of mountains and surrounded by valleys.

There is a street called Alcala that is pedestrian only, stretching from the zocalo to the famous Santo Domingo Church, the street is full of cafes, restaurants, a few bars, art gallerias, etc., and was full of people. I stayed at a hostel in Oaxaca and just my good luck it was full of cute girls the days I was sick and feeling miserable, and then cleared out and became full of dudes, couples, and frumpy chicks once I was feeling better.I saw some legitimately hot women there, most of which were probably from Mexico City, because apparently Oaxaca is a very popular weekend destination for the middle and upper class people from D. I did attempt to run game on a gourgeous Mexican girl who was staying at the hostel while looking for an apartment, she was a shy, artsy chick who was there to learn the indigenous style of weaving.Hievre del Agua is an amazing geological formation, where mineral water bubbles straight up out of the rocks on the side of this mountain cliff and pour through smoothed out rocks into two natural pools that are right on the side of the cliff.The water than drips over the cliff side to create what is called a petrified waterfall, which looks like stalagtites hanging on the side of the cliff face.My favorite thing to do was roll down to Zicatela Beach at sunset, the entire beach is lined with restaurants and bars that have comfy lounge chair set up, for people to lie back order drinks and watch the sunset.

I smoke a jay with the surfer kid then roll down, kick back, and drink a fresh squeezed juice, or cocktail.

The highlight of my time in Oaxaca City was taking a day tour out into the mountains to this spot called Hievre del Agua, which means boiling water in Spanish.

The mountains and valleys out there are spectacular scenary filled with rock formations, cactus, and other cool trees and plants.

I did do a few things like visit the ruins on a mountainside called Monte Albon, but mostly I just chilled out, walked around town, hung out in the zocalo and sipped some good coffee.

It is nice to see that people there can have fun just hanging out with their friends and family, little kids just play tag, or whatever, it´s not like in the U. where everyone has their face attached to an iphone or ipad 2, and little kids can have fun just playing, without complaining about wanting to play XBox or whatever.

She was for sure a very shy girl and I think she is legitimately a "sexual camel", the type of girl that will go months without sex.