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Project Underskin is a digital tattoo concept from New Deal Design which will - in the "near future" - sit under the skin.

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Looking to the future, technology is gearing up to take us beyond existing swipey hook-up apps, even with extras like heart rate data and human matchmakers.Why just 'like' someone when you can go straight under their skin?The app then records lurches in your heartbeat and forms a chart comparison.This details which people made your heart sing the loudest, enabling Once to offer you better matches in the future.But it could also visualise your partner's health, mood or feelings and even glow a loving shade of red when you and your partner hold hands.

Flashy but also rather odd but the team say they could build the tech tat in the next five years.Imperial and e Harmony went further, actively constructing templates of how future wearable devices might work.Perhaps we'd have smart contact lenses which track the type of people you look at most frequently when your body emits signs of attraction - either contacting these people in real time or instantly offering you matches like them on dating sites. But as with apps like Tinder, the most quickly adopted ideas will survive and even redefine how we date whilst others will remain unloved and forgotten on virtual shelves.Many early starters are those who have simply bolted on existing tech to a successful dating app.French-born dating service Once seeks to match you using real-life human matchmakers and also has a Heartbeat feature, which monitors your pulse response to every suggested match using your Fitbit.