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And not just because of the glut of choice and hard graft often required for success.

"I started hating everyone on Tinder and what I'd become on there.

So I’m thinking to myself, I’m a meshugener for trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Rotating from person to person, eight to 12 or so women and eight to 12 men of a similar age range and geographical area get an opportunity to talk to each person of the opposite sex for about six minutes.Afterward, if interested in any of the men you spoke to, you discreetly circle their names on your interest sheet."Online dating is so demanding that it can feel like a second job.People are sick of endless messaging with strangers whom they'll never meet in person."Klinenberg explains that there’s simply too much choice: “People suffer from cognitive overload and don't know how to deal with all the people on their screen."I haven't been on as many dates since, but that’s kind of the point.

There's a tendency with dating apps to rush into a first date to avoid wasting time chatting through the app, which inevitably leads to a string of underwhelming dates."The biggest benefit of having an IRL-only rule?

It takes time to review all the men’s profiles and their correspondence, but reach out to men who seem more promising.

I recently read one 55-year-old man’s profile from a website that covers Jewish singles.

But since then, rather than risk spending (read: wasting) yet another evening on an attractive-but-ultimately-disappointing man from the internet, I vowed to put my phone away for a while.

I’m far from alone in feeling tired of apps and more enthused by the prospect of a rom-com-worthy meet-cute.

Dating sites and apps may be old news but the current backlash feels more intense than we’ve seen before.