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And finally, are you signed in to i Cloud with the same Apple ID on all devices?And finally, are you signed in to i Cloud with the same Apple ID on all devices? sometimes they update even as I am typing, sometimes they don't appear on other device for hours. I'm really disappointed with i Cloud drive so far ... All my documents synced quickly and reliably between Mac Book Pro and i Pad and i Phone.Having problems getting i Cloud to sync your data between two instances of the same app?

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I can see them listed, but there's no response when I try to open them.

Sometimes I see "Updating," other times I don't, but in neither case will a document I tap on open up in IOS 8.

If you’ve got an app that uses data syncing to transfer between different versions and instances, there’s a good chance the developer has created help documentation that can help you overcome your issues.

Much of the time developers can pin-point exact files and folders you should delete in order to solve your issue.

Once you’re finished your device will be identical to how you started, except you’ll need to authorize your various accounts again (email, Facebook and so on).

If you haven’t yet upgraded to i Cloud Drive, you can reset all i Cloud data (which is just as scary as it sounds) by logging into i and going to Reset Your Documents.

A few apps that include specific guides to solving i Cloud issues include Day One, 1Password, i A Writer and Ulysses.

Have you had any problems with i Cloud and i Cloud Drive?

There’s no option to do so if you have upgraded though.

Many applications give you the choice over whether or not to use i Cloud, and if you can avoid using it you’ll avoid many of the issues that have plagued the service.

Before you attempt any of these you should back up your phone with i Tunes.