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You guys are inching onto the bandwagon with Yosuke, aren't you?

But it seems ill-fitting for someone like me to get up on stage... If we can't refuse, I suppose there's no sense in arguing the point. Male class rep: Well, all you have to do is the reception. It seems that a cross-dressing pageant is also going to be held at the Culture Festival. Looks like your blood's boiling even more than usual...

If you do, my, uh, doubts will finally be cleared... Oh, man, trust a celebrity to kill the fun of it all... Maybe I better think more seriously about saving a seat... Naoto fan: Naoto's that boyish...girlish...whatever, right? It's because of you that we can't back out of the beauty pageant, so it serves you right! I don't think it would be wise to disappoint a teacher too much. Get them to select the number of the person they like.