Psoriasis singles dating how to start speed dating business

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He doesn't know I have P and I have a few extra spots on my hands (which goes purple when it's cold 🙄) Today I was wondering something about attraction... Does anyone have any sugges tions on how to talk to a possible intimate partner about psoriasis?? Your psoriasis may be making it hard to meet new people.

And my boyfriend and I are on our 4 year if dating so that should say something.

Thanks Chris Read more Hello members, In the next few days members will recieve an email to explain what has been happening with the site in full. To change language, all you have to do is click on the desired language towards the bottom of any page. This site is designed for sufferers of all skin conditions, to help find new friends and relationships that they might not normally come accross in their everyday life.

I apologise for not being around, but I have been seriously ill over the last few months. There might be some slight errors in the translation as I done it myself.

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