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Check out these four films, and maybe you What's a Mc Guffin? And it's most often associated with Alfred Hitchcock, since the great director was the first (as far as I know) to coin the phrase. It sometimes has a lot to do with the plot, even if it is ultimately revealed to have little value or to be inaccessible.

At other times, it's only briefly mentioned and never revealed.

So basically, it’s like “you got me going.” I think it’s one of the songs that will appeal to the guys and the ladies.” Another track that moves the crowd is “My Bed,” a club joint that caters to the ladies. As Mike tells it, ”It was incredible to share something with talented guys who love it as much as I do.” Adds Robert, ”I love being with these guys. Chi Town’s Will sang in church, local talent shows, and events from grade school to high school graduation.

(The Ark of the Covenant is the Mc Guffin of Raiders of the Lost Ark; the falcon statuette is the Mc Guffin of The Maltese Falcon.) Here's the important point: You may not care about the Mc Guffin or even discover exactly what it is.

All that matters is that the characters in the story care because that's what drives the action in the flick.

“He said I had a really good chance of winning the regional competition, and even though I had some doubts, I prayed on it and I won.” Born in Detroit, Robert was nine when he performed at country star Kenny Rogers’s annual Holiday Show.

Sitting in the crowd was a player on baseball’s Detroit Tigers.

The fine print that he didn't see was the bull-rush of attention that keeps him away from his family a tightly knit group that's overcome the day when 4-year-old Que's father was shot dead on a Rochester street and the Internet gossip that picks who he should be dating (Pop singer Jojo! The series began filming in June, and through nine episodes, the guys were judged not only on singing and dancing skills, but also on such proven R&B indicators as a five-mile run, basketball, boxing, buying cheesecake and teaching the promising young white kid, Donnie Klang, how to dance. (By the way, the William Faulkner-based Reivers also includes an early and delightfully atypical John Williams musical soundtrack.) A SAD WEEK FOR ENGLISH CULTURE.

"Being in a reality TV show, everything's crazy, and there's editing that gives you a different kind of story," Que concedes. But the editing can mess you up, make you look bad or good." studying music business and audio engineering. JX What: Lil Wayne with I Aw guests, including Que. A British critic recently wrote that the recent deaths of director Anthony Minghella (of The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Clarke (of 2001 and Childhood's End) lowered the gross national IQof their native land significantly.DAY26’s eponymous Bad Boy Records debut is one of the year’s most anticipated releases. I., Chris Brown), and multiple Grammy Award-winner Bryan Michael Cox (Usher, Mary J.Recorded in just three weeks, executive produced by Diddy, and featuring production from Mario Winans (Diddy, The Notorious B. Blige, Mariah Carey), “DAY26” gives R&B fans what they’ve been missing: seamless, soulful, sincere harmonies and emotional, sexy, straight-up banging songs.And when he made the cut as one of 58 guys nationwide, he decided, "OK, this is serious." So Que dropped out of school for Making the Band 4. The Canandaigua Lake i Chamber Music Festival ' presents Voices of Is rael, a 3 p.m. """"N The Exodus to Jazz Con-f "J cert Series features the V f J Helen Sung Quartet at 7 VL and 9 p.m. He hemorrhaged unexpectedly first man says, ' But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands,' and the other one answers, ' Well then, that's no Mc Guffin!The first three installments of Diddy's star-making vehicle had already produced O-Town, Da Band and Danity Kane, whose debut album went to No. The Rochester Blackstory- (Si ' telling League and area Quakers present The Sweet Taste of Freedom, a three-act play about an escaped slave who lived in upstate New York. Saturday at the Friends Meeting House on Scio Street. Sunday con cert featuring mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin at Temple B'rith Kodesh. ' So you see a Mc Guffin is nothing at all." I thought of Mc Guffins when I noted that Turner Classic Movies scheduled one of Hitchcock's masterpieces, Notorious, for 10 p.m. The film, with handsome Cary Grant and the luminous Ingrid Bergman, is propelled by one of Hitch's most famous Mc Guffins uranium ore that may be used to help Nazis build nuclear weapons. While on the subject of the ever-lovin' TCM, I also note a grand night of Steve Mc Queen movies Saturday, starting at 8 p.m.1 on the Billboard album chart last year, so Que figured it was a . with The Great Escape, and continuing with the original Thomas Crown Affair, the whimsical The Reivers, and the melodramatic Love with the Proper Stranger.