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· i saw the old post but nothing ever happened with it and the op never followed up.But he's an attractive guy, he's polite, he seems real nice, so yeah, I think they did a good job of portraying an Iowa farmer. Definitely having to be so understanding and flexible. As farmers, we're constrained by time and weather, and so we learn naturally to go with the flow. His caring side and thinking about others has really come out. Do you think the show does a good job of showing what it's really like to be a farmer?You've really got to be looking for an interesting kind of love to be on , I guess. I think I'm going to bump into my soul mate in a parking lot at Target or something. I picture a spring wedding on the farm, with the apple trees blooming. Andrew Edson, 24, Edson Acres Andrew grew up on a corn and soybean farm in Iowa, and is a sixth generation farmer. If a girl comes in who didn't grow up on a farm, it might be harder for them to learn. I think there's such a disconnect between urban population and farming, so I love that they're able to connect the two.Do you have any tips for the women on the show who are vying for Chris's love? We broke up because it was the first year I began farming full-time. He started growing his own corn and soybean crops while still in high school, and was a full-time farmer while also attending Iowa State. You're getting someone who is passionate and can be passionate not just about farming but about family. It's reality TV, so like on the last episode when they were riding tractors in bikinis, that's not probably something I'd see.I'm sure he does long days and Mother Nature is wacky enough that if there are days that he's got a movie date for next Saturday and it rains and he has to fix machinery and can't go to the date, they need to be flexible. I stayed in the fields 'til dark, didn't cut my hair, didn't wear deodorant, and she frequently found dirt in the dryer because I didn't clean off my pants good enough. I would get married in a parking lot as long as I had my soul mate, my family, and good friends nearby.2. He now farms close to 1,000 acres of soybeans and corn, and tends 15 head of cattle. I was dating a girl in college for a year-and-a-half and I could definitely tell the times we were the most stressed were when I was in harvest and didn't have much time to devote to her because it was a long-distance relationship. Is it important that a woman you date be "outdoorsy"?stars Chris Soules, a fourth-generation farmer from Iowa who, when he isn't shooting a reality show, works a 6,000-acre field of corn and other crops.