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Among the celebrities condemning the social media influencer are Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, Piers Morgan, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

Many are …It’s not always easy to turn things around when you’ve had a humdrum day, but sometimes all it takes is the right sight for sore eyes to make everything more bearable.

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Other times there are just funny things that happened to someone last night and it could be told via story format, text messages, videos, …Texas father Anthony Michael Sanders was accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter in what police called a “fit of rage.” He has now been cleared of the crime after his 7-year-old son admitted that he accidentally smothered his sister in 2015.According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it was only …Rodrigo Alves, more commonly known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ has reportedly undergone more than fifty surgeries and has plans of going under the knife many more times.Especially when that change involves the way you look.We all go through those days when we want to change our look up.Publishers, earn 50% commissions on all clicks that ads on your website receives.

Buying things off the internet is just the way things are done today. You don’t have to physically go out and shop and you even have the chance to save some money.

But what source of imagery could possibly guarantee a universal smile? There’s something joyously infectious about …Social media is a hilarious place.

Every day a new meme starts or there’s a long thread on Twitter dragging someone for something ridiculous (yet funny).

In a recent Instagram post, he decided to show his followers how he looked like before all the surgery.

It has been …A California man who claimed to eat sushi everyday pulled a five and a half foot long tapeworm out of his body.

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