Rules of dating a player

There are a number of players out there (both men and women). If you are disrespected or the person continues to hurt you; choose to love yourself enough and walk away. If you allow someone to disrespect you, then you can expect for them to disrespect you.But the best way to avoid being played is to build up your self-esteem. Remember: No one can do anything to you unless you allow them.

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But, I do know how it works; I just like to play by my own rules. Nine times out of 10, when I reach out and put myself on the chopping block, I always get rejected or the other person loses interest.

If there's someone I find myself interested in, I’ll usually start off by playing along to the rules of the game: taking a long time to answer texts, making myself seem busy or ignoring them at parties or at the bar, acting like I don’t care. I’m going to tell this person how I feel, and I’m going to double text, even though I know I shouldn’t.”Well, let me tell you, it never works out in my favor. And the reason people tend to lose interest when you start showing more of it is because the “chase” is gone, the game of who can act like they don’t care the most has ended and the “talk” you’ve been avoiding now has to be done. Think about that gorgeous stranger you saw last week at the bar.

And not until he decides to grow up and stop playing childish games, he will continue to play.

There are a few telltale signs to let you know you are dealing with a player: The way you handle a player is not to hate the player, learn the game.

Unfortunately, the “game” of dating isn’t going away anytime soon, so to be a successful “player” in this never-ending game, you must learn how to play the right way.

See, a lot of people have mastered this skill set, Unfortunately, I have not.Or, why do guys go for the girl who constantly tries to get them jealous with other guys at the bar or posts too many pictures with other guys on Snapchat?It’s because these people seem out of our reach; they keep us on our toes.You wouldn't value money if it was just handed to you every day, but since you have to work for it, it has more of a value to you. You don’t know if they’re interested or not, and you have to work toward the goal of getting them where you want them, wherever that might be, and hopefully it’s not just your bedroom!For women, we want to be the safe haven for this “player.” We want him to be good for only us.I agree, the whole dating games are immature and childish, but they work. It's how you know you can dig your hooks into someone and make them think about you and what you might be up to, despite how painful and annoying they are.