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We must have done 20 ballets together, and I hope to do more." Planning began immediately for memorial programs.The New York Philharmonic, although unable to change its rehearsal schedules to include Stravinsky music this week, announced that the concerts would be dedicated to his memory.

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He arrived soon thereafter and ruled the cause as heart failure.

Since 1967, Stravinsky had suffered several arterial strokes, Miss Libman said, and had been in and out of hospitals since then. Burial in Venice In accordance with Stravinsky's wish, burial will be in Venice, in the Russian corner of the cemetery of San Michele.

In 1965 the American Musicological Society voted Stravinsky the composer born after 1870 who was most likely to be honored in the future.

He was not unanimously honored during his lifetime.

The cosmopolitan musician, she said, had moved around the world so much--Russia, Paris, Hollywood, New York--that his yearning for a home had been strong.

Was Composing Recently Stravinsky knew his friends to the last, according to Miss Libman.

Besides his widow, Stravinsky is survived by a daughter, Mrs. A Russian Orthodox service will be held there Friday at 3 P. The composer had long been fond of the Italian city, where several of his works including "The Rake's Progress" were first performed, and where Diaghliev is buried.

Milena Marion of Los Angeles, and two sons, Soulima, a pianist and teacher who lives in Urbana, Ill., and Theodore, of Geneva. It was Diaghliev the Russian ballet impresario, who produced the first performance of "Le Sacre du Printemps" on May 29, 1913, thereby giving Stravinsky his chance to turn music upside down.

Stravinsky continued to be a fountain of wit and acidulously put wisdom.

In an article in The New York Review of Books last February, he commented wryly on Leonard Bernstein's athletic podium style: "I have never seen him jump in ' Les Noces' and regretted missing his performance last fall." Igor Stravinsky: An ' Inventor of Music' Whose Works Created a Revolution During World I, Igor Stravinsky was asked by a guard at the French border to declare his profession. It was a typical Stravinsky remark: flat, self-assured, flagrantly antiromantic.

Igor Stravinsky, the composer whose "Le Sacre du Printemps" exploded in the face of the music world in 1913 and blew it into the 20th century, died of heart failure yesterday.